If life is not awesome then why are we doing the cabbage patch?

Drummer Boy Books and Media is a young, small, and organically developing publishing house. Born out of our founders' personal frustrations working with their former publishers, we exist to cultivate the greatest things life has to offer – truth, justice, mercy, and beautifully thought-provoking imagination. And do it in a way that does not just make life more tolerable, but rather helps people see it for what it already is – an epically meaningful and mind-blowingly beautiful experience.

Ideologically, Drummer Boy exists to counterbalance the many false dichotomies active in Western culture – right versus left, human rights versus civil rights, and individualism versus collectivism, for example. Seeing the harmful consequences of these points of division, and seeing precisely how they prevent our biggest local and global challenges from ever being solved, we came into being. In short, we exist to help cultivate a deeper and more meaningful level of unity among human persons. We exist to make the world better.

One step further, Drummer Boy also came into being because we firmly believe that people flourishing as equally dignified and diversely equipped human persons is the very way our deepest challenges can and should be solved. Not from the top-down, but from the bottoms-up. Grassroots style. Strengths-based style. It is the only way for personal, local, and global change to be meaningful, sustainable, holistic, and genuinely beautiful. Which is the kind of change we like.


A dignified world brimming with hope, freedom, creativity, and knowledge; and a flourishing human race with the character of mind, emotion, and will needed to sustain and enjoy it.


Drummer Boy Books and Media exists to create, co-create, and publish written and visual works that enliven the pursuit of truth, advance the causes of justice, extend the hands of mercy, foster the unity of diversity, inspire the beauty of imagination, and cultivate creativity toward the solving of our world’s deepest and most systemic challenges.

More specifically, Drummer Boy exists to create, co-create, and publish works that:

  1. Are a voice of reason and clarity in the public square
  2. Promote common ground and rational discourse in the unifying pursuit of truth.
  3. Encourage humans to grow their capacities for creativity, imagination, and innovation.
  4. Pinpoint and thoughtfully disrupt assumptions hindering humanity, then, provide rational, holistic, and sustainable alternatives.
  5. Cultivate humanities exceptional capacity to flourish toward our highest good as rational, relational, creative, and moral persons.
  6. Ensure the ways people help others are good for them based on their nature as equally dignified and uniquely gifted human persons.
  7. Advocate for the understanding of human equality and affirmation of human dignity in and through every area of culture and society.
  8. Are a beacon of hope and empowerment in the lives of our world's most neglected, mistreated, brokenhearted, disenfranchised, disappointed, downtrodden, and discouraged populations.


Looking toward the future Drummer Boy is positioning itself to publish a variety of books, curriculum, posters, video productions, and other similar products, all of which serve to cultivate the creative flourishing of people as dignified, whole, and equal human persons.

Please note, as part of our organic development we are currently not accepting transcripts from new authors.

Target audiences

  • Young Adults
  • Children and adolescents
  • Education, business, and organizational professionals
  • Marginalized and disenfranchised populations
  • Those interested in truth and all other such dreamers, seekers, wanderers, and rabble-rousers.

Areas of focus

  • Philosophy and worldviews
  • Social issues
  • Human flourishing
  • Youth empowerment
  • Lower and Higher Education
  • Leadership
  • Integrative pieces


Everyone has values which guide their actions. These are some of ours:


Seen fundamentally in our ability to use reason, all humans are equally human. This ability to think critically must be respected, affirmed, and encouraged, as it is where our foundational value and dignity is revealed.


All humans are equally human and then, in that context, come in a range of wonderfully diverse forms. Understood in this order, our diverse talents and abilities can be appreciated and drawn together towards our common good.


All people have the right to be treated with dignity as fundamentally equal creatures. Like the flip side of the same coin, however, every person also has the responsibility to treat others in the exact same way.


The human mind longs for clarity like a fish does water; and nothing is more freeing or empowering than finding it. Clarity does not just come about by chance, however, it is the byproduct of seeking truth above all else. Upon understanding the meaning behind and within the human experience we grow to have true knowledge. As we grow in knowledge we gain discernment, insight, and the ability to create otherwise unimaginable realities.


An application of the examined life we are to strive to have consistency between what we believe, what we say, and what we do, which are the necessary prerequisite to having unity in our selves and with others.


As a natural extension of free people in a free society the free markets of ideas and commerce are to be cherished and protected. Manifestations of selfishness and evil in the free market illustrate a human problem not a market problem.


Human liberty is defined by the ability to freely choose without restraints. We are not free to do whatever we want, however. Instead we are responsible to be good stewards of our freedom by pursuing truth and adapting our lives to its light.


Humans are called to be good stewards of all they are responsible for. Thus, the earth and all that is in it, including our relationships with each other, ought to be respected, cherished, and cared for as we grow in knowledge of all that it reveals.


The human capacity to imagine and create is limitless. To understand this and put it towards thoughtful goals lay our greatest hope to cultivate our highest and most beautiful good.


As creatures with the capacity to be rational and virtuous humans are responsible to thrive towards their highest potential. This includes striving with true hope through the personal, local, and global challenges we are faced with today.