The Human Experience Framework – 12x18 poster

The success of any human endeavor is clearly determined by the quality of ideas from which they come. And the quality of an idea is determined by the accuracy and clarity of the worldview from which it comes. For better or worse, then, from our worldview we define what is true, what is good, and what is possible in the creative process.

More, where clarity lacks regarding the true nature of the human person assumptions about human nature and the whole of society necessarily fill the void. Left unearthed these assumptions accumulate to breed confusion, disunity, organizational inefficiency and ineffectiveness, and cultural decay. And we don't want that.

Tying it all together, these are the reasons why Kurt Hoffman designed the Human Experience Framework (T.h.e. Framework) to uniquely integrate the holistic multi-dimensional perspective of social work with a systematic, philosoophically-grounded perspective as well. That is, T.h.e. Framework accounts for all of the more basic elements of human nature and human experience and then systematically orders them. In doing, an immense clarity is provided letting us see precisely where and how the more complex social systems come from our basic human nature. This might sound peculiar, however, only through such an understanding of society's complexity can its complex problems ever be solved. More, having such comprehensive understanding of what a person is allows us to provide accurate, appropriate, thoughtful, and holistically root-targeted solutions that meet the person right where they are.

In sum, The Human Experience Framework is a comprehensive, holistic, integrative, and humanities-rich starting point designed to help us tackle today's biggest questions and challenges, identify root-causes, find true answers, and then design holistic ideas and solutions that vastly improve our communities and the world.

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