Young Heroes: A Facilitator's Guide to Empowering Youth

In the sea of big work loads on small budgets facilitators, leaders, and teachers are too often left to themselves to discern how best to serve the learners they so desperately want to see encouraged, enlightened, and empowered. This is why Kurt Hoffman, Author of Young Heroes: A Learner's Guide to End Human Trafficking, also wrote this dynamic resource – to empower facilitators so they can empower youth.

Included in the 27 pages of text this Facilitator's Guide includes insight into:

  • The foundations of Young Heroes' Integrative Academics approach
  • Young Heroes’ Philosophical Foundation
  • Young Heroes' Academic Approach
  • Young Heroes' Therapeutic Elements
  • Leadership and Team-building Elements
  • Directions for Young Heroes
  • Facilitator Tips
  • Recommendations for Facilitators
  • Flexible Curriculum Maps
  • Creative Approaches to Assigning Homework
  • Alternative Ideas for teaching
  • Breakdown of the over 100 academic and service-learning standards Young Heroes meets.

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